by Bryan T. Marks

A reckoning on race, with its heightened awareness about the sustained effects of racism in American society, is changing the experiences of diversity and anti-bias educators/trainers and their audience interactions. The door is opening to frank, more truthful conversations about topics like implicit bias. Simultaneously, corporate America is demonstrating a new sensitivity toward these issues, including a willingness to relinquish profits for opportunities to improve racial equity and inclusion.

It will be needed. Tragedies such as the killing of six Asian women in Atlanta massage spas demonstrate, even if authorities aren’t willing to openly acknowledge it…

We must speak up and stand up against anti-Asian racism and hate.

by Beth Liu

On March 16, a gunman killed eight innocent people, including six Asian women, during a hate crime directed at three Atlanta-area spas. I am an Asian American, and the event was a breaking point for so many of us. I am hurt, fed up and tired of attempts to make us feel lesser than other people.

Growing up in the United States as a first-generation Chinese American, I thought early on that I should blend in with other Americans in public. I kept my head…

Toni Vaz finally receives her flowers.

by Maria Morales

At age 98, Toni Vaz is finally getting the recognition she deserves.

Vaz received the Founders Award at a pre-taping of the 52nd NAACP Image Awards on March 24, which is a coincidence because Vaz is the founder of the Image Awards.

“It’s about time,” said Vaz from the Motion Picture & Television Fund ‘s (MPTF) retirement community where she resides in the Los Angeles suburb of Woodland Hills, California.

Vaz was a stuntwoman and extra working in Hollywood when the NAACP’s Beverly Hills Hollywood Branch was established in 1962 to…

College student honored with Youth Activist of the Year Image Award

By Tiffany E. Browne

Madison Potts flashed a bright smile after receiving the Youth Activist of the Year award during the non-televised portion of the 52nd NAACP Image Awards on March 27. The 21-year-old is humbled by the honor in recognition of her activism in voter education and social justice in Georgia. During Potts’ acceptance speech, there was an undeniable fire, perhaps started by her parents, who she thanked for “showing me the way daily; for being the change I want to see.”

From a young age, Potts, who…

by Dr. Rhea Boyd

Even as this once-in-a-century pandemic lays bare the deadly toll of America’s investments in racism, capitalism, and white supremacy, some still uplift narratives about Black people and “historical mistrust” as a way of making sense of the racial health inequities that continue to emerge. One of the issues with these narratives is that they treat Black folks’ mistrust as the problem, as if trust alone could ever extend lives that have been foreshortened by inaccessible care or return futures that have been stolen by unchecked inequality.

To be clear, trust won’t cover the price of prescription…

By Derrick Johnson

Vanita Gupta is President Joe Biden’s pick for associate attorney general.

Last week, the Senate Judiciary Committee held a lengthy hearing on the nomination of Vanita Gupta to be associate attorney general of the United States, which is the number three position at the Justice Department. By all accounts, Gupta’s testimony at the hearing was historic, compelling and flawless. In answer after answer to senators’ questions, she demonstrated to the American people exactly why the nation needs her leadership. The Senate should confirm her quickly.

There are many extraordinary aspects of Gupta’s appointment. Let’s start with its historic nature. If confirmed, Vanita Gupta would be the first civil…

Ida B. Wells’ great-granddaugther talks about the pioneer’s extraordinary life and legacy.

by Lottie L. Joiner

Most of us know Ida B. Wells as a trailblazing journalist, a co-founder of the NAACP, a women’s suffrage activist and a fierce freedom-fighter whose anti-lynching campaign challenged the status quo.

But did you know that Ida B. Wells started the first kindergarten for Black children in Chicago or that she provided housing for migrants from the South?

Check out my conversation with Ida B. Wells’ great-granddaughter Michelle Duster, who discusses her new book, Ida B. The Queen: The Extraordinary Life and Legacy of Ida B. Wells.

Take a look at our Facebook Live conversation here.

by Leslie Proll

Selma to Montgomery March

Today marks the 56th anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery voting rights march, known as Bloody Sunday. It’s the first commemoration since the passing of Georgia Congressman John Lewis, who risked his life to pursue the right to vote. His presence will be deeply missed. It was his heroism, and that of countless others, that prompted passage of one of our most consequential civil rights laws — the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

As we celebrate this iconic march, it’s important to underscore the solemnity of the day, especially given the recent frontal assault on our democracy…

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